Is your truck a Retro Rod?

Retro Rod trucks

Outfitting your truck has never been so much fun.

Manufactured exclusively by Ridin' High, Retro Rod Truck Parts combine aesthetics from the past and innovation of the future to bring customers the best in custom truck accessories. Fabricated locally in West Michigan, these unique products embrace classic designs, fusing vintage styles with improved functionality.

Developed with the driver in mind, Retro Rod parts are both practical and visually appealing--and with the Ridin' High name behind them, quality is never in question. From easy installation to a shine that never fades, Retro Rod accessories offer customers the benefits of exceptional design without unnecessary hassle.

Retro Rod Truck Parts are available for a variety of trucks and can be customized to match your personal needs. Explore the website to check out some Retro Rod products and email or call Steve with any questions at 616.458.2426.

This website is currently under construction, so check back often for updates!